The World’s First AI Generated TV ad for Adamed’s Maxon Forte

Delivering an AI-generated TV commercial faster, cheaper and with a smaller carbon footprint than traditional TV ad production.

About Adamed Pharma

Adamed Pharma is a Polish family-owned pharmaceutical and biotechnology company manufacturing over 500 products offered to patients in over 70 countries around the world. The company employs almost 2700 people. For more than 20 years the company has been carrying out innovative R&D work, for which it has allocated PLN 2.1 billion. Adamed has been working with leading universities and scientific institutes domestically and abroad. The company’s intellectual property is protected by over 200 patents in most countries of the world.

  • portfolio of 500 products
  • operates on 78 markets
  • employs over 2,700 employees

Producing AI commercial
in predictable way

In the search of innovation Adamed start to collaborate with, a creative tech company to deliver a pioneering solution - the first, fully AI-generated TV ad. The agency had to overcome several challenges.

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AI consistency

Diffusion models produce random results, whereas TV production demands consistency in shots, including scenery,  characters or even costumes.

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AI copyrights

Television commercials are protected by copyright, so in case of AI production the agency had to involve top law firms to set regulations and guidelines.

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pharma restrictions

The script had to be designed to meet the stringent requirements for airing a potency drug advertisement before night airing time.

“We begin our adventure with AI”

We are looking for new solutions, we are open to breaking new ground, and that is how we see the use of AI technology in this project

Maciek Derda
Business Unit Director OTX PULMO at Adamed Pharma

The strategy behind AI campaign

The campaign strategy was a joint effort of Love TV & Digital and Adamed's marketing department. The script was created by Michal Nowosielski, an award-winning art director, along with director Filip Żolynski. They presented three well-crafted ideas, from which the narrative of Max "a seduction coach" was chosen as the creative foundation for the campaign.


Crafting Max"a seduction coach" character

Given the regulatory constraints in supplement advertising, where portrayals of doctors or pharmacists are prohibited, a novel approach was required. The solution was Max, a character modeled after seduction coaches popular on Instagram. Max embodies charisma and expert knowledge. Regarding erection issues, he advises men to shift their focus from personal anxieties, to paying attention to their partners. Maxon is positioned as the key to enabling this mindset change.


Blending traditional creativity with AI technology

The production process started with character casting based on the casting brief. After choosing the characters, the focus shifted to designing the sets, props, and costumes, like in the traditional commercial production process. The client was then presented with AI-generated storyboards, and upon approval, the team proceeded to create high-quality AI-generated still frames, and animate them into 15 shots using a suite of 8 different AI tools. The process took less than three weeks.


Creators about the project

During the production, we faced AI challenges such as achieving natural character movement and consistent look. Thanks to our AI workflow, we were able to eliminate most errors. Using the right tools, we achieved smooth movement with minimized image distortion, what is a significant breakthrough in our industry.

Szymon Maslowski
Partner & AI Engineer at

When it comes to AI ads, the biggest challenge is to be aware of how the available tools work and how to build a pipeline of them that will assure predictable results.

Filip Zolynski
Film Director

The Adamed team understands that the world is changing and soon we will be living in a different advertising reality. Their trust, visionary and bold approach allowed us to break the long-standing status quo in commercial production, introducing innovative solutions.

Marcin Lunkiewicz
CEO at

Going live

Finally, on January 8th, the "Max - the Seduction Coach" 30-second advertisement was broadcasted across major TV channels. The ad is a compelling demonstration of AI’s ability to create complex, engaging, and visually appealing scenes.


Speed, Cost Efficiency, and Creative Flexibility

This innovative approach to advertising has not only set a precedent in the industry but has also brought forth a suite of tangible benefits for Adamed Pharma.

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50% Cost reduction

The AI-driven production process proved to be more cost-effective than traditional methods without compromising quality.

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Faster production timeline

In the fast-paced world of pharmaceutical ads, where timing can be critical, the agility provided Adamed is a competitive edge.

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Creative Flexibility

Thanks to AI technology, Adamed could explore a variety of scenarios, characters, and shots, all within the budget.

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Predictability and Consistency

Despite the pioneering use of AI, the final product was not only innovative but also aligned with brand and marketing objectives.

Exceeding clients expectations

The result of the campaign exceeded the expectations, and it scored better than other benchmarks on many fields.

Impact on Maxon Product Sales
The advertising broadcast had a direct impact on the increase in sales of the Maxon product, which proves the effectiveness of the methods used. Comparing sales data from December 2023 to the same period in 2022, a significant increase was noticed, which confirms that investing in innovative technologies brings real business benefits.

Significant Reduction in Production Costs
One of the most significant achievements of the project was the reduction of production costs by approximately 40% compared to traditional methods. Eliminating the need to organize a shooting set, rent a location, or employ a large crew and actors allowed not only to reduce expenses, but also to increase the efficiency of the production process.

Reduction of Production Time
The use of AI made it possible to shorten the time necessary to complete the project by 20-30% compared to traditional methods. This time advantage is crucial in the industry, where the speed of response to changing trends and consumer expectations can determine the success of a campaign.

Reducing the Carbon Footprint
The "Max - seduction trainer" project also stands out from an ecological point of view. Production using AI generated a much smaller carbon footprint - about 1/3 tonne of CO2, compared to film production (green production), where one day of shooting can contribute to the emission of up to 10 tonnes of CO2. This is a step towards more sustainable and environmentally conscious advertising production.

The "Max - seduction trainer" project not only proved that artificial intelligence can revolutionize the advertising industry, but also showed that investments in new technologies can bring tangible business benefits while reducing the negative impact on the environment. This groundbreaking venture opens new possibilities for the future of advertising, combining innovation, efficiency and ecological responsibility.

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Great test results
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Decreased production costs
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Fast time to market

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